Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why You Should Stop Using Custom Master Pages

This article is about how to plan the existing SharePoint upgrade on SharePoint 2016 so the upgrade cast can be reduce. Also you may not take advantage of new capabilities introduces.

Microsoft is delivering Updates in the master page. Recent example is Seatel.master has new version released with added capabilities and controls. and the new version falls in version 16. Means the custom work done on Seatel.master version 15 is old now you need to redo changes to version 16 to get capabilities of Seatel.master version and it will change when the beta or full version of SharePoint 2016 will released so what are the techniques that can help developers to update their branding with minimum cost of upgrade.
Please note custom master pages are still supported and will be but what is the best practice to be able to be unaffected by the newer versions of SharePoint.

Use Alternate CSS, JS injection, design packages, o365 themes and  SP Apps. Handling themes Via SP Apps will reduce the cost you don't have to update for every site in your form. e.g. if you have 1000 sites and you are looking for a central place where you can inject branding to all sites without writing code (e.g. Console Applications) SP Apps is your solution. Imaging you have to update the branding changes to All the  Sites. Alot of Rework can be reduced by using SharePoint Apps.

Here is the link to sample how you can change Branding using SP Apps